Similar to book reviews, these will be my thoughts on TV Series, Films, and other media products which do not fit into the general catagory of articles.

US Politics

Predictions, analysis, and general thoughts about the state of American politics going back to the 2006 midterm elections.

UK Politics

Analysis and thoughts regarding politics in my present country of residence.


Longer pieces that take an in-depth look at a historical topic. Often political, and generally relevant to contemporary events, these pieces generally include some of my best original work

World Elections

Coverage of elections and domestic politics in nations other than the UK or United States. This is separated from the Global and Middle Eastern categories by not being about this regions and generally being focused on domestic politics, rather than the international implications of the topics in question.


My writing on international affairs which does not focus on domestic politics within countries. Whether it is US policy towards Syria, nuclear diplomacy with Iran, or Russia’s relations with the rest of the world you can find it here.


Writings on Russian politics, relations with Ukraine, and the West.


A collection of extraneous thoughts and musings that don't clearly fit into a single category.